About Us

Zaragon was formed in 1988 to  provide independent  CAD support   services to  potential and  existing CAD  users  based  on  an existing  5  year user background  in  the commercial CAD environment. Our organisation has developed with the ever changing IT market by ensuring that we incorporate and use upgraded software as it is released with relevant hardware upgrades or replacements.    

What drives us
Our ability to offer clients totally independent & unbiased services plus our dedication to client satisfaction has allowed us to gain a large diverse client base covering a wide range of both large and small organisations. We strive at all times to provide total client satisfaction with solutions or workarounds for day to day CAD hardware and software problems or issues.

Zaragon only use consultants and partners of the highest quality from an operational and practical background with in depth knowledge.
The services we   provide include, Consultancy for CAD, IT and Business issues; Training for all versions and disciplines in AutoCAD and related Microsoft apllications; Technical Support for Hardware and Software; Bureau Service for the generation and maintenance of CAD drawings and as an Accredited Partner for Kaspersky Antivirus sales and support of all  their products. We can arrange provision and installation of CAD specific & related hardware and software if required.